Building Performance Habits for Equestrian Athletes

How to build foundational mental skills and turn them into life-long performance habits.

With Sports Psychology Consultant Annika McGivern

July 11, 18, 22 @ 9am Pacific Standard Time.

Can't make a date? We will send you a video recording of the event.

Have you ever struggled to stay consistent with your motivation in your riding? Have you ever had the experience of learning exciting new mental strategies or riding techniques, then struggling to implement them successfully and ending up right back where you started a couple of months later? Changing the way we do things is hard, because our behaviours are ruled by habits.
In order to increase our performance and our enjoyment in riding, we have to learn new skills, ideas and behaviours. But, our learning is usually blocked by the strength of our old habits. When we feel like we aren't making progress, this negatively affects our motivation creating a vicious cycle. At this point, many riders make the mistake of assuming they aren't good enough because they don't realise the issue isn't about talent. They are just missing specific skills around habit change.
Mental Performance Coach, Annika McGivern (MSc Sport Psychology) is teaming up the Friends on Horses Podcast and Clinics for a Cause to present an exciting new webinar series designed specifically for equestrians.
This webinar will teach you some of the most important mental skills for equestrians AND, more importantly, it will teach you the habit change skills that will allow you to make real use of your new mental skills and any other new skills you learn in the future.
This webinar series will take place over three consecutive Saturdays: July 11th, 18th and 24th at 9am (BC TIME).
After this webinar you will:
Have a different, more helpful perspective on motivation
Know exactly why habits block us from changing and what to do differently
Recognize the important personal habits that are holding you back
Have specific tools to feed motivation with successful habit change
Have an in-depth understanding of three core performance skills for equestrians
Have the habit change skills you need to implement these performance skills successfully in your life.
We know that the current circumstances have hit some people hard. It was important to us that everyone feel able to participate in this training, so we have create a sliding scale. 10% of all proceeds will go directly to Clinics for a Cause.




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