How to Choose the Right Bricks for Commemorative Projects
December 27, 2023

Engraved bricks are a popular way to honor loved ones and raise funds for charitable projects. Using an engraved brick fundraiser is a great way to give donors a permanent keepsake that reminds them of their contribution.

Laser engraving offers a lot of versatility when it comes to working with bricks. It can create a single design over multiple bricks or achieve several individual engravings at the same time.


Bricks come in different sizes, so it’s important to know the size that you will need for your project. The size of the brick is determined by the nominal dimensions and the mortar joint width. The nominal dimensions of a brick are the length and width of the brick, but the actual size of a brick can vary slightly depending on the thickness of the mortar and the style of the joint.

When choosing a brick for your memorial or commemorative project, it’s important to consider the size of the mortar joint. A larger mortar joint will result in a thicker brick, while a smaller mortar joint will create a thinner brick.

The size of a brick can also affect how much text or graphics can be engraved onto it. A standard 4×8 brick can fit up to three lines of text and up to 18 characters per line (every space, period, comma, or question mark counts as one character). An 8×8 brick can hold up to six lines of text and up to 21 characters per line.

Engraved bricks are a great way to honor the memory of a loved one or celebrate a special occasion. They can be used in a variety of ways, from walkways to walls to memorials. They can even be used to make unique seating areas.

Brick fundraisers offer organizations a great opportunity to raise funds for their cause while creating a permanent tribute. They are also a low-cost alternative to other fundraising methods. Plus, they don’t require the organization to purchase a large quantity of the product in advance in the hope that it will sell out.

Whether you’re looking to fundraise for a charity, memorial, or other project, engraved bricks are a great option. But deciding what type of bricks to use can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are some tips to help you choose the right bricks for your project.

Engraved bricks are a lasting memorial to any person or event. They can be engraved with any word or phrase and can be made in any shape or color. There are many options for engraving a brick, including words of wisdom, quotes from famous authors, and more.


The material used for a commemorative project can make or break the success of a brick engraving fundraiser. Bricks are typically made of clay, but some manufacturers create them from other materials like concrete. Regardless of the type of brick, sticking to best practices for engraving will help you achieve a high-quality finished product. A laser engraving machine is a good choice for these types of projects because it provides significant versatility in terms of design options.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your commemorative project, it’s essential to work with experts like Polar Engraving company. They specialize in engraving bricks and can ensure a high-quality finished product that will stand the test of time.

Bricks are frequently used for memorial purposes, but they can also be engraved with words or symbols to celebrate special events and occasions. For example, a family may want to honor their deceased pet by placing a plaque in the memory of that beloved animal at a park or other outdoor location. Likewise, schools often use bricks to commemorate graduating seniors or to honor faculty and staff members who have served their schools for many years.

A brick engraving fundraiser is a popular option for commemorative projects because it offers donors a way to contribute to a meaningful cause while also having the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. This type of fundraiser is especially useful for organizations that don’t have enough space for a full memorial or other building project. In these cases, a fundraiser using engraved bricks is an excellent alternative to other fundraising methods that require larger individual donations.

If your organization plans to run a brick engraving fundraiser, it’s important to promote the campaign in a way that will appeal to your supporters. This includes offering a variety of engraving options and including visuals of the finished product to show what they’ll get when they participate in your fundraiser.

In addition, you should consider promoting your event in locations that are likely to attract your target audience. For instance, a community park or other public spaces that offer free entertainment may be an ideal location to hold your fundraiser. You can also partner with local businesses and ask them to display a flyer or insert your fundraising information into their invoices.


Engraved brick fundraisers are a great way to honor and remember loved ones. These fundraising projects allow supporters to donate a small amount of money and then have their names or other short messages engraved on brick pavers that are implanted into walkways, paths, or walls. They are a popular choice for memorials and other commemorative structures, as well as for organizations such as schools, churches, and local governments.

When deciding on what to have engraved, it’s important to choose an engraver that will provide quality work for your project. They should be able to offer a wide range of options for inscriptions and designs, from simple letters to more elaborate symbols. The engraver should also have the ability to produce these pieces quickly and efficiently.

To make the process of designing your bricks as easy as possible, start by assessing your project needs. You’ll need to know how many bricks you will need and what type of structure you are building. You can then select a design that will accommodate all of these elements. It’s also a good idea to partner with an engraver that can provide samples of previous brick projects to help you decide on a final design.

In addition to a textual inscription, it’s possible to include a small image on your bricks. This can be a very touching and personal element that will really stand out. For example, if you are raising funds for a children’s hospice, you might want to inscribe the words “In loving memory of our son.”

Another great way to memorialize loved ones is to inscribe their full names on a brick. This can be especially meaningful for parents who have lost a child. It can also be used for other close family members, such as siblings or grandparents.

When it comes to a business, it can be an excellent idea to create a memorial wall for employees who have passed away. This can be a great way to show appreciation for a longtime employee and to remind everyone of the valuable contributions that person made to the company.


For many people, fundraising with engraved bricks is an inspired way to draw support for their chosen cause. They provide donors a tangible way to show their support, honor loved ones who have passed or simply add to the project they’re funding.

To make your fundraisers a success, you’ll need to assess the needs of your project and find an engraving service that can deliver. Ask your engraver for an estimate on when they can complete the work so that you can plan your marketing campaign in advance. Some engravers also offer additional services to help you promote your project, including brochures and custom websites.

The Capital Region Veterans Memorial in Glenville, New York is currently conducting a brick campaign to raise funds for the construction of their “The Legacy Project” Park. They chose to partner with Gift Bricks(r) for their commemorative paver campaign and chose the 4″ x 8″ brick size for their fundraiser. The engraved bricks will be installed in proximity to each of the seven war memorial statues that will be built within the park. These bricks will provide a permanent, visible and lasting tribute to the service of all veterans. Each engraved brick features a customized design that honors family members, friends and fellow veterans.