The idea for the Friends on Horses podcast was born on a sunny summer trail ride.  Founded by two horse loving friends,  Friends on Horses provides a community space where horse related conversations take place. Join Friends on Horses as we explore topics with the top minds in the equine world. Gain insight, knowledge, and quench your curiosity about all things equine. 



Emma and Mira met at a Pony Club meeting at age 13. After discovering their shared love for horses, they became fast friends. Their teenage years were filled with attending local horse shows, and going to Pony Club camps. As adults, you can still find these gals sharing weekly trail rides, and supporting each other in the training of their young project horses. 


So, what's the next step for these two? Start a podcast! Websites were built, guests were booked, fun was had, and Friends on Horses was born. As the founders and hosts of Friends on Horses, Emma and Mira brought to fruition a shared vision to create a community space where innovative, cross discipline, horse related conversations take place. 


A lifelong animal lover, Emma lives rurally near Nelson, BC, Canada with a husband, two horses, two dogs, and two donkeys.


Emma is a expert in equine biomechanics, fitness, and recovery. She studies animal learning theory with a special focus on positive reinforcement training. Emma enjoys training horses using these methods. Constantly learning and interested in all facets of the horse world Emma is the ultimate horse geek. So it is fitting that with fellow geek, Mira, she would start Friends on Horses; a podcast for all the horse geeks who are open to learning in a super fun way.

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 After falling in love with her first pony at age eight, Mira began a life long journey dedicated to the pursuit of the equestrian arts. Long hours during her teenage years were spent in arenas pursuing her passion for Dressage. As an adult, Mira refined her traditional horsemanship skills, and is now combining these skills with natural horsemanship methods. When she is not in the round pen, Mira can be found exploring the mountain side with her two trusty steeds: Dallas, and Dooley.



 Join Friends on Horses with a variety of guests. If you want open conversations about everything “horse” from barefoot trimming and the latest in training, to rider fitness and horse nutrition, this is your hitching post. English, Western, whatever you do Friends on Horses doesn't discriminate.So have a listen and get ready to be saddled with information, these chicks don’t horse around… well maybe a little.




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Here is our upcoming event
Annika Coaching (2)
Annika Coaching (2)
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Building Performance Habits for Equestrian Athletes

 Taking foundational mental skills and turn them into life-long performance habits.

 Changing the way we do things is hard, because our behaviours are ruled by habits. In this 3 week interactive webinar series we will explore:

1. Why habits are more Important than motivation. 
2. How to break old habits and form new ones to serve your goals.
3. Building mental habits for performance success

This event supports the Covid Relief Fund for equestrians impacted by the pandemic.



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